Crossing Stages is a performing arts project coordinated by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with the participation of six countries and the support of the European Union. The main goal is to promote education among the new generations through the common European culture.

In the first period of Crossing Stages European Project, from 2013 to 2015, activities of dance, performance, theater, audiovisual, video art, technology, music, fine arts, academic meetings, and publications are developed around the connection with classic myths nowadays. All in a spirit of collaborative research, interdisciplinary arts, and multicultural education.

Coordinator: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). Co-organizers: Université Paris Diderot (France), Univeersity of Ljubljana (Slovenia), ASTA Association-Universidad de Beira Interior (Portugal), Artimbanco (Italia). Associates: Odin Teatret (Denmark), Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (Spain).


EACEA Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Culture Programme (2007-2013)
Budget 2013- Cooperation Projets (Strand 1.2.1)
Agreement n 2013-5526/001-001 CU7 COOP7

SONSOLES HERREROS director      Crossing Stages
Crossing Stages is a project on culture as a powerful tool to communicate values and promote goals of public interest, not only generating richness but also contributing to social integration, a better education, trust in oneself, and pride of belonging to a community.

SONSOLES HERREROS director Crossing Stages

SERGIO BLANCO artistic director Crossing Stages
It´s a kaleidoscopic artistic project on classic myths viewed by History, Philosophy, Literature, Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology. and Visual Arts, to embody them on stage through the vision of directors, choreographers, performers, video artists, designers, musicians...

SERGIO BLANCO artistic director Crossing Stages



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